Keep your internet connected devices under control with Pi-Hole

This is only a short update of my Pi-Hole story. After having used it for 3 months now as network wide ad blocker I’m really amazed to enjoy fast and ad free internet on all devices.

But now an additional use case arose after my 10 year old tv needed to be exchanged. TVs nowerdays are all internet connected. Samsung and LG have proven to ship their devices with shitty software which is vulnerable to ransomware and allows also 3rd parties to spy on you. Other TV vendors are also not better than that. So what should I do? Pi-Hole to the rescue!

After I’ve plugged in my shiny new Sony TV hell broke loose. The TV is always one of the top 3 devices in my network. Luckely you can analyse very quick whichi domains are contacted. Besides already blocked advertiser domains like Google Analytics there where a ton of Sony domains. First I started by blocking single domains but it soon made a lot of sense to use the wildcard domain blocking feature. Since then the domains and are the most blocked ones in my network.

Depending on your installed apps and other devices on your network you can even block more domains. Since Pi-Hole has not yet per device blocking as well as per device whitelist that might be a bit tricky. You should have no success blocking all Google domains while using Google mobile phones or tablets.

Pi-Hole blocking home phoning Smart TV Pi-Hole blocking home phoning Smart TV